For gifted children, private music lessons are not enough!

  • Lessons Seldom Cover All Essentials
  • They Only Play Solos Twice a Year
  • Most Won’t Play With Other Musicians
  • No Composing or Improvising is Offered
  • Their Teacher Has Only One Way to Learn
  • Driving to Lessons is a Scheduling Nightmare

After decades working with private students in lessons and with group students in orchestra, I stopped recently to ask myself, “What is the absolute best way for gifted children to learn to play?”

In orchestra, it was always easy to tell. Students taking private lessons learned 3 to 4 times faster. That one on one time with a seasoned professional always made a tremendous difference.

But in most cases, private lessons by themselves fall way short too. When children don’t play music with others, they are missing an essential set of skills musicians need.

And, because most private studios do only two recitals a year, gifted children don’t perform solos nearly enough to be good at it.

On top of that, very few teachers offer both note reading and play by ear methods. They “never get around to” showing children how to improvise or compose their own music. So creativity is left by the wayside as well.

When you add all the extra time spent travelling across town every week for lessons, especially in homes with 2 or 3 children, pursuing music at the highest level is extremely challenging.

When I shifted to a virtual studio a year ago, I finally saw how to offer something better.  Gifted children will get the best training possible. They will play extremely well and have fun too.

I offer private piano, violin and guitar lessons along with a small ensemble class where students form their own group. Family members, or close friends can learn on the instrument they like, and play together too… all from the convenience of home in a safe environment.

I read music (I played violin full time in a symphony and have a piano church job now) but I also play by ear, read guitar chords, improvise and compose. Students can learn in the style they like with the method that works best for them.

  • We do a private lesson once a week. I custom design the program for each child based on their strengths. I can teach play by ear and note reading.
  • Students form their own duet, trio, or band. They meet in their own small group once a week or twice a month.
  • Any combination of piano, guitar or violin students can play together.
  • Students also perform solo pieces during their group classes.
  • Groups (duets, trios) use a 4 volume set of books I published called “4 Simple Steps”.
  • We improvise and compose to spark creativity. 
  • Group music classes are backed up with 150+ support videos so students get help online between classes.

He was just as fantastic with my younger children as he was with my older, more accomplished, child.

David Paul is an outstanding teacher, worthy of much praise and recognition. As a performer and musician, he is phenomenal and awe-inspiring; but more than that, his incredible devotion to music makes him a wonderful teacher. David has taught three of my children over the last six years. He was just as fantastic with my younger children as he was with my older, more accomplished, child. He is smart and quite amiable, yet firm. When taking a new student, he always seems to recognize what style of teaching that would best be employed.David takes his work seriously; he is always prompt for each lesson and responds quickly with any emails or phone calls outside of lessons. I highly recommend you consider him as your teacher. He has proven to be astounding and stupendous in the art of music.

Jodi Petchauer

David immediately impressed me with his quiet, attentive manner.

To Whom It May Concern: I would highly recommend David Paul as a piano teacher. My children had lost all of their love and passion for piano due to the highly structured and systematic approach their previous teacher employed. Trying new music and composing on their own was frowned upon by their previous teacher, and this unfortunately affected my children’s interest in continuing with their lessons. David was referred to me by a friend whose son was a student of his. David immediately impressed me with his quiet, attentive manner. He embraced my children’s need to be creative in their playing, as well as encouraged them to present pieces they wanted to learn. Even though we were only able to have David as our teacher for one year, the progress my children made was amazing. They began to tinker and compose at the piano again; they would happily sit down and play daily; they were excited for lesson time. I can’t express how grateful we are to have met David and to have benefited from his talent.

Shannon Palmer

David Paul is a tremendously qualified and honorable teacher.

David always had a calm and pleasant demeanor when he would arrive, with a smile for the students. When giving critiques, he had a soothing way of correcting without embarrassing or belittling. It seemed like my daughter was empowered after a lesson. She was given the tools she needed to improve and the mental boost to know she could accomplish the task. Some of our favorite moments were when David would preview a song for the student, playing from beginning to end. His talent was obvious and it was such a joy to hear what the piece should sound like before attempting it. David Paul is a tremendously qualified and honorable teacher. Anyone would be fortunate to learn from him, young and old alike. I highly recommend him as a music teacher and as a person.

Linsey Jorn

His patient instruction and musical experience helped our students develop their own musical style and confidence at the piano.

David Paul is an accomplished musician and teacher. Our 4 boys have had the privilege of working with David for over 9 years and they have all progressed very well at the piano, both musically and technically. David has a well-balanced approach to teaching, developing technique and creativity in each musician. He challenges the student to work hard and strive to play to their potential, while exploring a variety of musical styles and the student's musical taste. David encourages and instructs the student to express their musical personality by not only reading the notes, but developing musical interpretation. Each of our musicians has a very different approach to the piano, and David has worked well with each personality and musical ability. His patient instruction and musical experience helped our students develop their own musical style and confidence at the piano. He brings out the best in each musician! We highly recommend David Paul!

Sue Kelley

He works as well with beginning and just-for-fun players as he does with committed prodigies. We are so happy!”

"After having a few very so-so experiences with some local teachers, I finally asked a friend whose daughter went to Denver School of the Arts for the number of their violin teacher. She told me that David was the only reason her daughter survived the orchestra program there. My daughter, who has an excellent ear but at that time little skill, started with David soon after that conversation. Now she also attends DSA. He was and is great at meeting her where she’s at with the perfect amount of kind nurturing combined with firm expectations. He works as well with beginning and just-for-fun players as he does with committed prodigies. We are so happy!"

Carol Garrington

I began traditional piano lessons (method books) when I was 6. I started Suzuki violin lessons at 8. While playing violin full time in a symphony after graduate school, I taught myself to play by ear and improvise.  When I left symphony work, I taught myself to read chord charts and played in a Jazz trio.  As a church pianist now, I create arrangements from chord charts on the fly and also play anthems as a strict classical player.

Instead of taking 35 to 40 students and stacking their lessons one after another for hours on end, I only work with 6 to 8 families, a total of 24 students. Don’t delay. I currently have openings for 8 5 more students.

With so few openings, I prioritize families with 2 or more students so they can form a small group within that family right away. Beginners are welcome.

When you contact me, please have the following information available.

  • Who wants to take private lessons (30 minutes) and form their own small group?
  • What are the current ages and playing experience of the students?
  • What styles of music do they like the most? What kinds of music do they want to play?
  • What is the best day and time for you to take lessons? What is an alternate time for lessons?

You can call me directly: 303-396-8735 or contact me through the email:

Thank you for your interest.


David Paul