4 Simple Steps

Imagine you’re 7 years old. Your music teacher just showed you a new song. Its filled with stuff you’ve never seen before. You heard it explained just one time. Now you’re supposed to go home and play it.

How likely is it that you’re actually going to be able to remember what your teacher said? They told you one time. You’re 7! You start dread practicing… because it’s hard and you’re really not sure what to do. And this whole nightmare is repeated every week.

Now… imagine you’re 7 years old. Every time you learn a new song, your teacher shows you how to play it using the same 4 Simple Steps. You’ve seen the 4 Steps a dozen times. 

When you go home to play the song, you understand you always do the same 4 Simple Steps to learn it. And if you’re not sure, you go watch the video. It shows you all the right notes and how they sound for all the steps on all the songs in Mr. David’s 4 books.

Here is an example of the videos and the steps.

Step One: Play the Scale

 Play Slow | Play Fast

Step Two: Play the Echo

Step Three: Play the Jam

Step Four: Play the Song

Listen | Play Slowly | Play Fast

I use the idea of the 4 Simple Steps with all my students. They can be used with traditional method books, Suzuki songs, lead sheets and chord charts. Step 3 brings creativity into practicing too. Children can make up their own music. It’s very empowering for them. (There are 150 support videos for each instrument: Piano, Violin and Guitar.)

All private students get full access to all the videos with their lessons. Its included in the lesson fee.

Private Music Lessons

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