David Paul

David Paul Violin PicDavid Paul is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of St. Olaf College. While completing his Masters Degree in Orchestral Studies at Rice University, he was the graduate teaching assistant to Ruben’ Gonzalez, a world renowned violinist and pedagogue who went on to serve as the concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony. David began his professional career playing full time in a symphony. Yet, being the son of two college professors, teaching has always been an important part of his life. After leaving symphony work to pursue composing, he taught violin and piano to private students, classroom music at a parochial school, and developed a pre-school music program as well.

Even now, he teaches violin and organizes after school music lessons for Englewood Arts in Denver, and his pre-school music class with puppets reaches over 225 children a month. He is the staff piano accompanist for 2 choirs at a local church, playing for 4 services each week. His passion for guitar is quickly catching up to the other two instruments, with an emphasis on mastering the Celtic finger picking style, a long time favorite of Mr. Paul.  While playing in the Symphony, he developed a passion for Tai’ Chi Gung. Tai Chi Gung is 3000 year old health system from Tibet that stimulates tremendous creativity.  This practice led to a whole new style of free improvisation based on the Chi that does not rely on chord progressions. His original pieces for violin and piano are literal first take recordings of music that comes to him spontaneously. His Tai Chi Gung training not only helped him with insights in playing, but it provided the groundwork to guide students into a more creative approach to music; both playing by ear and with note reading.  His health practice also helped David understand how to master the technique of an instrument in much less time, with much less struggle, and even know how to practice effectively.