Live Stream Concerts

David shares a live concert every week with subscribers. He creates new music for the audience tuning in. He features multi-media pieces inspired by Nature. And there’s a concert archive if you can’t make the live show. 

Master Paul also included playlists with over 250 of his pieces for his subscribers. An over achiever could listen for 12 hours straight before repeating a track.This music is not for sale anywhere on the net. Subscribers have exclusive access.

David's Exclusive Playlist (sample)

  • Join Tai Chi Gung Master David Paul for Live Stream Concerts every week. Sunday Nights at 7 p.m. (MT) (Please note: 1st Concert is Oct 17th)

  • Tap into the concert archive if you ever have to miss the live show.

  • Get exclusive access David’s playlist… more than 250 original pieces.

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