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Healing Frequency Sampler

A-U-M Suite No. 1

The ancient Siddhi Yoga Masters lived for hundreds of years. Master Paul has been chanting in their tradition for more than 20 years. He will add instructional videos to this powerful A-U-M chant series soon, so people can participate in their healing on a deeper level. The selections include: 432 hz: Whole Body Healing; 174 hz: Pain Relief; 528 hz: DNA Repair; 963 hz: Activate Pineal Gland; 396 hz: Remove Negativity; 285 hz: Tissue Regeneration.

Chanting Help Video

Heart Beat Suite No. 1

It’s been shown that bringing one’s resting heart rate to 60 beats per minute (bpm) offers many health benefits. 

In this music suite, Master Paul meets listeners where they are 66? 72? 84? and allows the soothing music to gradually slow down to 60 bpm. 

The music entrains the autonomic systems for stress relief in the midst of beautiful, soulful music.

432 Suite – Whole Body Healing

The music that flows in A major tuned to 432 has wonderful health benefits. Some people experience whole body healing listening to this frequency.

This Suite of 6 pieces (more will be added every month) provides a soothing atmospheric journey of rest.

Listen while meditating, or place this collection on a loop to play in the back ground. Raising your personal frequency in this way accelerates regeneration and promotes peace of mind in a busy world.