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Play together from the very beginning, all the way through the 4 books. Over 60 songs, full lesson videos plus recordings of every song.  Play by ear and read notes.

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Violin Lesson One

Find These Notes on the Violin

Violin Lesson One Finger Chart

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Step One: Play the Scale

Step Two: Play the Echo

Step Three: Play the Jam

Step Four: Play the Songs

Step by Step

Hot Cross Buns

Mary Had a Little Lamb

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If you’re a parent with a child that wants to play music, but you’re not sure whether private lessons, or a group class in school or online lessons like these are the best thing for them, we’ll send you a free guide to music lessons. This guide by David Paul is based on more than 30 years of experience teaching private music lessons.

In this free 10 page guide, you will learn

• When is it too soon to start lessons?
• What is the hardest part of learning to play music?
• What instrument should my child play?
• What kind of lessons are best?
• Should I let my child quit?

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Who is David Paul?

David Paul Violin PicAfter nearly 30 years teaching violin and piano in his private studio, teaching classroom music to Pre-K, Elementary and Jr. High, and leading an orchestra at a top 10 High School for the Performing Arts, David Paul has brought a simple sequence of steps to learn music that works on all instruments. He played violin full time in a symphony for 7 years. His mentor was the concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony.  He practiced 4-6 hours a day for years to get that full time orchestra job.  He can play all three  instruments on www.MusicWithDavidPaul.com  Currently, David has a private studio, teaches pre-k classes, teaches Tai Chi Gung and performs concerts of his own music. He also plays piano for 4 services a week at his church. He’s lovin’ the guitar these days too, especially Celtic finger picking tunes. Awesome!!

How Much Do Private Music Lessons Cost?

Private music lessons are typically between $20 to $35 per 30 minute lesson.  $80 to $140 a month per child is quite common.  With a single subscription to www.MusicWithDavidPaul.com you save more than 60% a month.  Your savings for a whole family will be hundreds of dollars a month. You can choose from three different instruments, plus get the Preschool song videos FREE. And, with the online lessons, you do not hassle traffic, or lose all that time getting to and from the music teacher’s studio every week.

Learning How to Learn

As strange as it sounds, beginning music students really don’t know how to practice very well.  That’s not their fault.  They’re just starting out.  But almost every music teacher focuses on the mechanics, the note reading, and learning songs. There’s lots to do.  Most don’t have time to show students how to practice at home between lessons.  They hope they will, but they don’t show them how.

Music With David Paul lessons show students how to practice by putting all the right answers in front of them in a simple, four part, step by step approach to playing.  These steps become a powerful tool they can use your whole life.

 How Much Does it Cost?

You have three choices.  You can enroll on one instrument and get all the Preschool Videos for FREE.  If everyone in your household wants to play piano, they can do that on one account for one price:
One Instrument for $29.95/mo.
If members of your household want to learn two different instruments, you save $20/mo… plus all the Preschool Videos for FREE.  Select the two instruments you want to play, then enter the coupon code: PLAY2 at checkout for your discount:
Two Instruments for $49.90/mo.
You can get unlimited access to all three instruments for the whole family for just a little bit more, and all the Preschool Videos for FREE.  Get started and form your own band:
Access to All 3 Instruments for $69.95/mo.
You can get all the Preschool Videos by themselves.  More than 25 class favorites.  For young children, repetition and fun are the key. 6 of the preschool songs show up in the lessons. It’s a great way to prepare.
All PRESCHOOL Music Videos for $9.95/mo.

100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, discontinue your subscription in the first 30 days, and get a complete refund, no questions asked.

Save $15 when you subscribe now!

When you enroll for Unlimited Access to All Three Instruments, you can get $15 off your first month.

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Books 1, 2, 3 and 4

Over 150 help videos

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30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee





Books 1, 2, 3 and 4

Over 300 help videos

Instant Access

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Books 1, 2, 3 and 4

Over 450 help videos

Instant Access

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee